Sweet Pea Competition

We held a members' only mini-competition in the Victory Hall on Wednesday 27th July 2016.  

The list of classes were:

1.   A specimen stem of 'Anniversary'*

2.   A specimen stem of any other variety

3.   A vase of 3 stems of 'Anniversary'**

4.   A vase of 3 stems of any other sweet pea variety

5.   A vase of 5 stems of mixed sweet pea varieties

6.   A bowl of sweet peas - maximum 6 inch diameter.

*  Seeds supplied to members by Roger Parsons,
** Vases supplied by Warsash Horticultural Society 

All of the entries were of a very high standard - see below.

Jean Coleman 's bowl of sweet peas not only one first prize in that class but was awarded Best in Show by our Judge, Roger Parsons.



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