Warsash Village Garden Show - September 2018

Hosted by the Warsash Horticultural Society who would like to say a huge “thank you” to everyone who entered items, or supported us in other ways, by making our recent Village Garden Show a great success.   Despite the unfavourable spring and summer weather conditions for growers this year, we were both surprised and impressed by the number of entries on the day, 240, which made for an interesting, and colourful, result overall. 

The stage was beautifully decorated and included entries from the Hook with Warsash CE Academy. 

Reverend Nicky-Sue Terry of St. Mary’s Church, Warsash, awarded cups to the best entries from the following Classes:

Fruit and Vegetables   Andrea Buchan-Hepburn

Flowers                      Suzanne Holleyoak

Baking                        Sandy Gravestock

Photography                Mike Dymond

Children’s                    Ruby Goddard

Nicky-Sue’s Favourite   Abigail Harrison 

Entries from Hook with Warsash Academy school children were judged separately and were so creative; we hope that their interest will remain with them as they grow up. 

The overall atmosphere in the hall was one of light-hearted enjoyment due partly to the hard work of the Warsash Horticultural Society committee but also the coming together of the residents of the village and local neighbourhood in the afternoon (200+) on a beautiful sunny day.  

The next Village Show will be in 2020 as this a biennial event and we hope to introduce a wider variety of entry classes on that occasion.

Here are some pictures from the Show.  A full list of prizewinners can be viewed here.



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